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St. Norbert creates George Floyd Memorial Scholarship

June 11, 2020

DE PERE - St. Norbert College announced the creation of the George Floyd Memorial scholarship on Thursday.

“By creating the George Floyd Memorial Scholarship for St. Norbert College students, we humbly join higher education institutions from across the country in solidarity to honor the life of Mr. Floyd,” St. Norbert College President Brian Bruess said through a press release. “This small act also represents our enduring commitment to protect the human dignity of all, to steadfastly act for racial justice, and to provide equal access to higher education.”

St. Norbert College says it established the George Floyd Memorial Scholarship in the spirit of addressing systemic inequities and increasing opportunities for underrepresented students. Gifts will be used to fund the scholarship, which will be awarded to a student (or students) of color with financial need.

The college says it has additional plans to address inequality in the works.



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