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State agencies cut $70 million in spending

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MADISON - Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA) Secretary Joel Brennan announced on Thursday, May 28, that state agencies have identified $70 million in cost savings in state operations that are primarily funded through taxpayer investments.

“These budget reductions will immediately save significant tax dollars because this Administration is serious about doing everything we can to stabilize the state budget,” Brennan said. “But we also know that these reductions are just the first steps of many tough decisions we are going to have to make in the weeks and months to come.”

The reductions were made in less than thirty days and were in response to Governor Tony Evers’ direction to address the anticipated state revenue losses expected in the current fiscal year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

These cuts are all for the budget year that ends on June 30.

The cost savings announced Thursday results in approximately a five percent reduction in spending.

Budget reductions, by department, were:

Administration, $522,000; Agriculture/Trade/Consumer Protection, $1.15 million; Children & Families, $1.91 million; Corrections, $2.8 million; Financial Institutions, $898,000; Governor, $701,360; Health Services, $7.48 million; Insurance Commissioner $986,700; Justice, $965,200; Military Affairs/Emergency Management, $510,400; Natural Resources, $1.49 million; Public Instruction, $2.75 million; Revenue, $5.67 million; Technic al College Board, $150,800; Tourism, $714,000; UW System, $40.77 million; Econimic Development, $1 million; Wordforce Development, $367,500.


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