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ATV Park reopened May 1

May 4, 2017

BRILLION – The Brillion ATV park reopened on May 1, for the public to enjoy.

The founders of the ATV Park worked hard to bring this opportunity to our area and look forward to people using the park and enjoying this outdoor activity. Chief Mignon reminds anyone who is riding in the park or anywhere to be sure they understand all rules and regulations before riding. Rules regarding ATV/UTV Riding in Wisconsin can be located at The park is located at 633 Hacker Road and there is also an access point behind the Brillion shell gas station.

The City of Brillion took over the ATV Park last year and signs have been updated to include park rules and hours of operation. The park will be open until November 1, with daily hours from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. We ask that all riders respect the park property and surrounding neighbors and ride only on marked trails. Anyone wishing to use the park must wear a helmet whenever riding and all riders under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. The park was designed for ATV/UTV riding only and any vehicle which cannot be registered as an ATV/UTV will not be allowed to use the park.

Anyone wanting to use the park needs to have either a City of Brillion annual ATV/UTV permit or a park day use pass. Day use passes can be purchased online by going to the City of Brillion home page at Any ATV/UTV operator must possess or show electronic proof of the purchase if requested to do so by an officer.

Annual City of Brillion ATV permits may be purchased at Brillion City Hall. Anyone wishing to obtain an ATV permit needs to complete the application (which includes proof of insurance), pay the non-refundable fee and have their ATV inspected. Upon successful completion of the inspection, you will be issued a set of ATV use stickers. The stickers must be attached to the machine before any operation on City streets. The ATV permit only allows for operation within the City of Brillion limits.

Riders are reminded it is their responsibility to know and understand the City ordinance and where operation is and is not allowed. There are several areas of the City which riders are not allowed to operate an ATV for any reason. Those include:

  1. USH-10/East Ryan St. for its entire length

  2. USH-10/West Ryan St. for its entire length

ATV riders are also prohibited from operating on sidewalks, within city parks (excluding the ATV park) except on those paved areas that are legal for motor vehicle operation, any city cemeteries, any property owned or leased by the city which is not accessible by motor vehicles or on the grass skirt area between the street and sidewalk of any street or highway except as specifically authorized for the purpose of legally crossing the street, from an area of private property with prior permission, to obtain immediate access to an authorized area of operation.

Chief Mignon says we are fortunate to have a place to ride so close to home. After taking over the park Mignon said there were a few issues which needed to be addressed and worked out such as noise complaints, people riding on roadways which were not part of the park and some damage to property. “I think the rules set in place by the City and enforcement by our department and Calumet County Sheriff department have addressed those issues and we look forward to a fun summer for anyone wishing to use the facility,” said Mignon. “Our goal is simple, we ask that people using the park respect the properties they are operating on, the privacy of surrounding neighbors, they operate in a safe manner and follow the rules set in place by the State of Wisconsin and the City of Brillion. If these few things are done this park should be around for years for everyone to enjoy.”



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