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BREAKING: DPI releases public school report cards

The Brillion News

MADISON – The state Department of Public Instruction has released its report cards on school performance for the 2015-2016 school year.

In our area, Wrightstown tops the list, with the district and all three of its schools rated as “significantly exceeding expectations.” That’s the equivalent of an A in a five-grade, A-B-C-D-F, grading system.

The schools are rated on student achievement, student growth, closing gaps of under-performance, and on-track readiness to go on to post-secondary schooling or employment. The grades are based on hard data, including graduation rates and standardized test scores.

The Brillion and Hilbert districts were also rated as significantly exceeding expectations, but Brillion High School was the only school in the four local districts given a “D” grade of “meets few expectations.” Only 54 of over 400 school districts in the state received the A grade of significantly exceeding expectations.

The Reedsville District and two of its three schools earned a “B” grade of exceeding expectations.

Wrightstown High School was the only local high school to get a grade of “significantly exceeds expectations.” None of the local schools received an F for failing to meet state expectations.

The “grades” are based on a numerical scale:

A – Significantly Exceeds Expectations – 83-100

  1. 92.7 Wrightstown Elementary School

  2. 91.2 Wrightstown District overall

  3. 91.1 Wrightstown Middle School

  4. 89.5 Brillion Middle School

  5. 86.5 Hilbert Elementary School

  6. 83.9 Brillion District overall

  7. 83.7 Wrightstown High School

  8. 83.4 Hilbert District overall

B – Exceeds Expectations – 73-82.9

  1. 82.9 Reedsville Middle School

  2. 82.6 Reedsville Elementary School

  3. 81.2 Reedsville District overall

  4. 78.4 Hilbert Middle School

  5. 74.5 Hilbert High School

  6. 74.3 Brillion Elementary School

C – Meets Expectations – 63-72.9

  1. 72.7 Reedsville High School

D – Meets Few Expectations – 53-62.9

  1. 62.3 Brillion High School

F – Fails to Meet Expectations – 0-52.9

To check out the full and complete report cards, visit

Look for more information on the report cards in the November 24 print edition of The Brillion News.



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