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Brillion singers take up Ireland

September 13, 2018

By David Nordby The Brillion News

BRILLION – Summer is a time for travel. And for three Brillion singers, it was a time to perform for international audiences, too.

Madeline Cooney, Cecilia Petrie and Erin Rajkovich were part of a group of 25 with the Badger State Girl Choir that traveled to Ireland for a week in June. The group spent time in Galway, Killarney and Dublin for a total of five performances, including a private performance for the Lord Mayor of Dublin.

“The audiences were very welcoming and appreciative of our performances,” Cooney said.

In Galway, they performed at St. Nicholas Collegiate Church and Kylemore Abbey. In Killarney, they performed at St. Mary’s Church of Ireland in the center of the city. The performance at St. Mary’s featured Irish children performing on Celtic instruments, singing and doing Irish dances. The final performance, in Dublin at Christ Church, was with a local choir.

“Our songs helped us connect with people from Ireland and the rewards of performing for them went both ways,” Rajkovich said. “We felt appreciated and we were grateful for their attendance.”

Cooney and Rajkovich say the most nerve-wracking part was performing “Irish Blessing.” The historic song is a well-known piece of Irish music.

“We wanted to show our respect with excellent singing,” they concur.

“Performing American music is the same no matter who I’m performing it for,” Petrie said. “The real fun is when I have the chance to perform music from different countries and cultures.”

Performing wasn’t new for the three; they’re all experienced veterans to the arts.

Please see the complete story in the September 13, 2018 edition of The Brillion News. 

(Editor’s note: Ted Petrie submitted the accompanying photos for the story)



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