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Brillion will not require masks at this time

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

July 27, 2020

By David Nordby

The Brillion News

BRILLION – People in the City of Brillion will not be mandated to wear a mask at this time.

Brillion City Council discussed the potential for a mask mandate during Monday night’s Committee of the Whole meeting.

The discussion never moved forward to anything formal after council members were in agreement, in part after discussion with the city's business owners, that it should be left up to individuals and businesses to decide about masks.

City Emergency Management Director Joe Diener confirmed that there has been more than one confirmed case of COVID-19 to come from Brillion, but did not recommend a mask mandate at this time.

A mask mandate could be put in place in the future if action is taken by Calumet County or circumstances in the city change.


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