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City of Brillion to temporarily close ATV Park

By David Nordby

The Brillion News

BRILLION – The City of Brillion decided last week to temporarily close the ATV Park.

In April the city agreed to continue operation of the park after it had been maintained by the ATV Club members for the past seven years. The city has always owned the land the park is on.

The city anticipates that the park will open by the end of May or early June, around one month later than the usual timeline.

The city plans to set stricter guidelines than the club previously did, including regulations on those who don’t live in Brillion but come to the park from surrounding areas.

At last month’s Parks and Recreation Committee meeting, citizens of Brillion who live near the park voiced concerns over loose hours of operation and noise complaints that they said worsened the past few years.

The park also had visitors coming to ride dirt bikes, something that likely will no longer be allowed, which is another aspect the city is reviewing in order to have set guidelines on what the park is used for.

The city says the reason for the delay is to make sure restrictions are set once the park is in operation under the city, but they do not envision a scenario in which the park would be permanently closed.



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