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Cobblestone owners take on second restaurant

April 18, 2019

By David Nordby The Brillion News

BRILLION – Cobblestone Creek owners Aaron and Seth Kabat are entering into a new business venture with the purchase of Millhome Supper Club in Kiel.

“When Seth and I made the decision to come into Cobblestone, we knew we had something that was pretty solid, pretty successful and we wanted to parlay that into more businesses,” Aaron said.

Aaron and Seth, who each own 33 percent of Cobblestone, have had plans to expand their business undertakings since they joined their parents, Gary and Nancy, at the Brillion pillar in 2014.

“It was something that we hoped to do and worked towards but there was nothing guaranteed, and I think the fact that we’ve been able to get to that point now is really the most exciting part and now we’re in,” Aaron said.

Aaron will oversee Millhome on a day-to-day basis. Seth manages accounting for Conger in Green Bay and brings his experience from that to the restaurants.

“He’s the backbone from the accounting standpoint and the office standpoint,” Aaron said.

Seth also gets his hands dirty when he’s needed at big events. “You can see he wants to be down here,” Gary said.

Aaron and Seth are both married with children.

“One of the sticking points with the wives when we made the decision to come in with Mom and Dad in 2014, was that we couldn’t let this run our lives. We had to have good staff to help support us,” Aaron said.

Aaron and Seth each became part-owners after the Levashs stepped away. The Levashs took over Cobblestone with Nancy and Gary in 2006.

Like Cobblestone, Millhome hasn’t had many owners since it opened in the 1970s.

“The big reason why we purchased Millhome is because it was already managed,” Aaron said.

The company has an office manager, a head chef and other staff already in place.

“No different than what Cobblestone is now that it’s fully supported by staff and we will be there to help them and support wherever it’s needed,” Aaron said.

An important agenda item for Aaron and Seth in Kiel is to become part of the community like they are in Brillion. Nancy and Gary are a part of that process and are helping out in Kiel too.

Aaron (2000) and Seth (2004) are both graduates of Brillion High School. Nancy and Gary have lived in Brillion since the 1970s. Nancy ran a preschool and Gary worked at the Brillion Iron Works for 44 years.

“That’s the biggest difference between the two. We’re engrained in Brillion. I grew up here; I lived here the majority of my life. Even when I didn’t live here, I was still very much a part of the community,” Aaron said.

Aaron says he and Seth plan to get involved with social groups, help the community in any way they can and get to know the staff.

Please see the complete story in the April 18, 2019 edition of the Brillion News. 



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