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COMMENTARY: Taking the cure for trailerparkitis

NOTE: The following is an opinion piece. The opinions stated in commentaries, here and otherwise in our newspaper, are those of the author and not The Brillion News, Zander Press Inc. or the owners or staff. The Brillion News welcomes letters to the editor to respond to this or any other topic of interest.

Commentary by Ed Byrne 

There are few things you can count on in modern society, but here’s one you can take for granted: the Wrightstown Village Board will be dealing with an ordinance to regulate parking recreational vehicles on residential lots.

The issue began with aesthetic concerns. Some folks felt that village streets were starting to look like a trailer park.

Actually, we have been building toward this point for a long time. If you look at a picture of a residential street taken 100 years ago, you’ll notice a big difference between that and a similar photo taken today.

The difference: no garage doors on the front of every home.

In many ways, we have become such a mobile society that home is not where the hearth is, but where the garage is. It is where we park all of our vehicles.

Home is where we sleep, grab something to eat on the run, watch TV or play video games, and occasionally – if we’re lucky – interact with our family and with neighbors.

Our mobility, thanks to the internal combustion engine, has made our home into little more than a bed and breakfast – or a motel where we happen to get our mail.

There are several reasons why Wrightstown has the trailer park problem.

Please see the March 10, 2016 edition of The Brillion News for the complete commentary. 



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