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Damascus Road in Hilbert recap

August 30, 2018

By June Scharenbroch The Brillion News

Damascus Road was one of the bands that played at the Voices of Peace 14th Annual Gospel Music Fest in Hilbert earlier this month.

They are from Lisbon, IA and perform several times a month. They come from various walks of life and have experienced the life changing power of Jesus Christ.

“Damascus Road is a conversion from Saul to Paul. Dave and I were in the bars; not following the Lord by any means. One day it got old. There had to be another way. I grew up in the church so I knew better, I just chose my own way,” KB Sisco, Damascus Road’s spokesperson, said. “Having He wake me up and give us another opportunity to use all the gifts and talents He gave us is such blessing. We now use it for the Lord. So now we’re making up for lost time.”

Their Story

Members of Damascus Road are  (From Left) Danny Spangler, Tracy Williams, Dave Sisco, KB Sisco, Bruce Wutzke, Barry Anderson, Sydney Bedell, and Brenda Bedell. (June Scharenbroch photo)

We know music is a powerful vehicle that God uses to open hearts and change lives.  Each of us in Damascus Road has experienced the life changing power of Jesus Christ first hand and it continues to work in us, even today.  We have overcome addictions, fear, broken relationships and loss through the power of Jesus Christ.  We know, without Him, each of our stories would have turned out very differently.

What Inspires Them

Southern gospel music is the heart of Damascus Road.  The Lord brought together the members of our group because we each have a passionate fire to reach a lost and hurting world by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through song.

Their Influences

Jesus Christ is our influence.  Although as human beings we make mistakes, our goal is to allow the Holy Spirit to guide the songs we sing.  We have chosen songs from groups like The Issacs, The Cupps, David Crowder, Southern Gospel Revival and more!



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