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Endries’ donation completes fundraising for police dog

By David Nordby

The Brillion News

CHILTON – A $10,000 donation from the Robert and Patricia Endries Family Foundation completed the Calumet County Sheriff’s Office’s fundraising efforts to expand its K9 team.

The total fundraising effort for a second police dog for the department was $101,000 and started close to three years ago.

“We’ve finally reached our goal with the help of the Endries,” Calumet County Sheriff Mark Wiegert said. “There’s a lot of other people who have given to us individually … We’ve probably taken in about $60,000 since (January 2019) so this last year everyone has been wonderful.”

The Endries foundation was a key donor when the department started its K9 unit in 2016.

“We have a great deal of respect for the work that our Calumet County Sheriff’s Department does, and they have a lot of small communities that they cover, and we see them in action. They’re very visible and very effective in teaching our youth and keeping our communities safe,” Bob Endries said.

Amer, the county’s current canine, has been assigned to Deputy Will Pearson since April 2016. “Amer needs some time off,” Pat Endries said. “He is overworked and when I was visiting with (Deputy Pearson), he needs love and attention just like everybody else.”

Amer has been deployed 384 times, with 184 leading to arrests.

“This is absolutely fantastic. This is exactly where we wanted to be with our program,” Pearson said. “Our program has been 100 percent fundraised since we started, so to be here today, is a huge milestone for our department, let alone our county in general.”

The department has started ordering equipment, including the vehicle which the dog will work out of. In the fall, they will select a handler for the K9, go through training and be on the road shortly after.

Please see the complete story in the Feb. 20, 2020 edition of The Brillion News.



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