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Graminske leading the Brillion volleyball program

September 24, 2020

By David Nordby

The Brillion News

BRILLION – The Brillion volleyball program has its third head coach in as many years, with Amy Graminske leading the way for the 2020 season.

“I love volleyball, I love coaching and I love the kids. I have coached many of these players in the last two years and have a passion for this program and these athletes,” Graminske said.

Chris Daley had agreed to coach for just one season and then stepped away from the head coaching position, but not the program.

“When the position was posted, we all wanted the best for the players. With (Chris) Daley stepping down this year, I really did not want the program to be compromised,” Graminske said. “I wanted to do everything that I could to prepare myself in the event that I would be hired.”

Graminske said she spent more than 60 hours reviewing films and reading books to increase her knowledge over the summer.

“It is a bit of a challenge but with no risk there is no reward,” Graminske said. “In taking the risk though, I also knew that there would be many who would be there to support me in the process.”

Graminske says she gives “huge credit” to Daley, who has worked with her closely during the transition.

“I can’t imagine anyone being more supportive. He was the coach last year and knows the ropes. He is super smart, funny, kind and hardworking and the players love and respect him,” Graminske said.

The current JV2 coach, Cari Krepline, and Daley are this year’s assistant coaches.

“(We) worked really well together last year and all have similar goals. It is an honor to work with both of them. Although the positions have changed, we are the same great coaching staff, and each brings different strengths to the program,” Graminske said.

Graminske grew up with volleyball, since she was just 5 years old, she says. She played in leagues when she was a fifth grader and in high school at Kaukauna High School and Appleton East High School.

Please see the complete story in the Sept. 24, 2020 edition of The Brillion News.



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