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Judge moves Greenleaf incorporation forward

Posted at 2 p.m. on November 21, 2019 The Brillion News GREEN BAY – At the end of a hearing in Brown County Circuit Court on Thursday, November 21, Judge John Zakowski ruled that the petitioners behind the initiative to incorporate Greenleaf as a village had met all the legal requirements for the matter to go forward to a study and hearing by the state Department of Administration. Also at the hearing, the Village of Wrightstown asked to be officially listed as an “interested party” in the process, and Zakowski granted that request. The Village of Wrightstown’s attorney, Robert Gagan, argued that the Greenleaf group – which the village feels is really the Town of Wrightstown – wants to incorporate Greenleaf, then annex the rest of the Town of Wrightstown, essentially surrounding the Village of Wrightstown on three sides and blocking it from expanding. A COMPLETE REPORT ON THE HEARING BEFORE JUDGE ZAKOWSKI WILL BE FEATURED IN THE NOVEMBER 28 PRINT EDITION OF THE BRILLION NEWS. THE BRILLION NEWS IS THE OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER OF BOTH THE TOWN OF WRIGHTSTOWN AND THE VILLAGE OF WRIGHTSTOWN.



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