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McCulley approved as Reedsville principal

By David Nordby

The Brillion News

REEDSVILLE – When the Reedsville School District opens its 2020-2021 school year with grades 7-12 in the high school building, it will have a new principal.

Ryan McCulley was approved as principal of the building during Monday night’s school board meeting.

“It’s been a career goal to at some point in time serve a school community as a principal, so I am excited for that opportunity to serve in that capacity,” McCulley told The Brillion News.

An alumni of Reedsville as a student, McCulley has been working with the school district since 2014 and has served as dean of students, athletic director, assistant football coach, and business and economics teacher.

McCulley’s path to principal didn’t start in college. He earned a degree in business administration and marketing and worked in the private sector for more than seven years.

“My route into education (was) a non-traditional one,” McCulley said. “When I made that decision to enter the education field, I knew that at some point in time I wanted to serve as a principal. I also knew when I made that leap that I wanted to serve in the athletic director role, so I’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunities presented to me in Reedsville to serve in those capacities and I’m thankful for that, and excited about what is yet to come.”

The plan for McCulley is not to continue teaching, but he hopes to continue as a football assistant coach.

“I think being involved in different activities or different environments with the kids is a positive. I think it helps build relationships and build rapport,” McCulley said. “I think it’s healthy and positive, not only for the professional, but also for the students as well.”

The role of high school principal has been a dual-position with the superintendent in recent years for Tony Butturini and this year for Kristoffer Brown. The change to incorporate seventh and eighth graders in the high school building was approved this past fall.

“I’m absolutely excited for the opportunity, but whether it’s me or whether it’s somebody else, I really feel that it’s important to have somebody serving in this role next year for a couple of reasons,” McCulley said. “One of them being this will be a 7-12 building next year. Another reason being we will have a handful of new staff members, partially due to the reconfiguration, but partially due to some retirements … It was important for the district to have someone that can be solely focused on this building as opposed to a couple people wearing multiple hats … I’m excited for the district to have that in place.”

Please see the complete story in the Feb. 20, 2020 edition of The Brillion News.



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