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Players earn a trophy for Travis

February 22, 2018

By Ed Byrne The Brillion News

WAYSIDE – Anyone who knew Travis Krahn knew that his trademark was his smile. It was a smile that went as deep as his heart.

When he was killed in a traffic crash at PP and ManCal Road on November 25, 2017, some folks might have figured it would be the end of Krahn’s smile.

But like seeds scattered on a windy day, Krahn’s smile – and the spirit it reflected – found fertile ground.

That’s how the boys on the fifth and sixth grade basketball team at Zion Lutheran School in Wayside see things.

Krahn helped coach the boys in the 2016-17 season and was coaching again this season when he died.

On Monday, several of the boys who knew Coach Krahn best talked about winning the Lakeshore Lutheran League tournament, and how Krahn was a big part of the reason why it happened.

“How helpful he was in practice, and he was funny,” Bryce Liebzeit said. “He was relaxed.”

“He always brought enthusiasm and the lighter side,” head coach Jeff Loppnow said. “It was a good mix.”

Krahn also knew basketball and passed on what he knew.

“He helped me put more arc on the ball,” Liebzeit, a guard, said.

One of the tall post players, Camden Dvorachek, liked to shoot threes until Krahn convinced him that tall guys need to play close to the basket.

Dvorachek said he’s not one to show his emotions, but when he learned about Krahn’s death, it was tough holding back the tears and keeping them inside.

“He was the one who didn’t want me shooting three-pointers. He wanted me down low putting those baskets in, but I was in the corner shooting threes. He didn’t want me doing that,” Dvorachek said. “He was a lot of help during basketball.”

Please see the complete story in the February 22, 2018 edition of The Brillion News. 



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