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Pokemon playing raises legal concerns

The Brillion News

The Wisconsin State Patrol is warning drivers not to let the Pokémon craze drive them crazy.

The mobile gaming app lets players catch Pokémon in real life and in real time using a phone’s GPS and augmented reality settings. However, this creates real-world hazards for users.

State troopers are reporting drivers distracted by the popular new gaming app. Wisconsin alone has already seen two Pokémon GO-related crashes. Simply, distracted driving is dangerous driving.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has issued a list of Pokeman-Go advice:

  1. Don’t play while driving, bicycling, walking or skateboarding.

  2. Stay vigilant, especially in unfamiliar areas. Not everywhere Pokeman-Go takes you is safe.

  3. Play only in well-lighted areas at night.

  4. If you suspect you are being followed, yell for help and use your phone to call 911

  5. Other gamers are strangers, and could be trying to lure you into a dangerous situation.

  6. Stay off of private property; you can be arrested and prosecuted for trespassing. Many private property owners do not want you on their property.



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