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RDA meeting paints visions of the future

December 29, 2016

By David Nordby The Brillion News

BRILLION – Last week’s RDA meeting was productive, with many prominent members of the community in attendance to contribute their ideas to the visions of Brillion’s future.

The end result was a list of goals including:

  1. • Build a new city hall

  2. • Relocate the Brillion Fire Department and Brillion Police Department

  3. • Create downtown parking

  4. • Gradually build new apartments

  5. • Make businesses visible on Highway 10 for workers leaving town after shifts

The meeting, unlike some in the past that discussed visions of the city’s future, was productive because of the input from so many who came prepared.

Among those in attendance included Mayor Gary Deiter, City Administrator Lori Gosz, Bob and Pat Endries, Steve Klessig, Professional Plating Inc. General Manager Larry Dietz, Brillion Optimist Club member Sarah Pielhop, Brad Grant from First National Bank, employees from the State Bank of Chilton, Doug Buboltz and Don Mathiebe and three representatives from Integrated Public Resources (IPR). RDA members included: Cheryl Welch, Beth Wenzel, Bob Brick, Mel Edinger and Kim Buboltz.

The first point of focus was Brillion City Hall. “City Hall is terrible quite frankly, we’ve gotta get outta there,” Bob Endries said.

When asked if anyone in the room thought that the current city hall didn’t need to be replaced no one in the room raised their hand.

City Hall, which was the former library, also houses the Brillion Police Department. When the police moved into the location there were a few members on staff; now there is hardly room for them all to meet. The Brillion Fire Department would also be included in the plans to receive a new home in the future.

Endries added that before any action takes place, there has to be a clear plan developed. A plan that doesn’t just look at one building or section of the city. “What does Brillion want to do?”

Endries’ primary concern is that if nothing happens for the city soon, then it never will. “Don’t make it too complicated,” Endries said.

Another agreement from the group was a positive one – the idea that Brillion has a lot going for it already. Despite the need for some retooling of things like parking and businesses, there are things in place that the city can hang its hat on.

“Brillion has awesome things,” Beth Wenzel said. “Now we just have to build on it.”

Representatives from IPR shared that sentiment, adding that from an outside perspective, driving into Brillion is a welcoming sight on both Highway 10 and headed downtown. They noted that the passion is already in place for the city to make changes.

The city currently has a $2.2 million borrowing limit available. “This [money] is what stops planning in Brillion all the time,” Welch said.

A spirited discussion then ensued with the talk of putting in applications for grants and getting businesses together.

“Start creating the next 25 years now,” Endries said.

Please see the complete story in the December 29, 2016 edition of The Brillion News. 



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