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Spring Election: Many local races are not contested

March 30, 2023

By David Nordby

The Brillion News

There are several area races in the spring election that are not contested including Brillion City Council.

Brillion City Council

Incumbent: Tim Hanson

Registered write-in: Daniel Farrell

Incumbent not seeking reelection: Joe Levash.

Village of Hilbert

President incumbent: James Schrubbe (seeking reelection as registered write-in)

Village board incumbent: Anita Loose; Thomas Roehrig (registered write-in)

Village board incumbents not seeking reelection: Timothy Keuler.

*The print edition of The Brillion News mistakenly marked Roehrig as not seeking reelection.

Hilbert School Board

Incumbents: Ray Mueller; Craig Kesler.

Village of Reedsville

President registered write-in: Al Schreiber

President incumbent not seeking reelection: Jesse Walt

Village board incumbents: Jennifer Maertz; Bobbie Reedy; Terry Hanson (registered write-in).

Village of Wrightstown

President incumbent: Dean Erickson

Board incumbents: Sue Byer; Mark Leonard Fitch; Andy Lundt.

Wrightstown School Board

Incumbent: Angela Hansen-Winkler

Registered candidate: Rayn Warner

Incumbents not seeking reelection: Joie Cunningham; Tiffany Van Vreede.



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