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Spring Election results

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

April 5, 2022

The Brillion News

It is official that Brillion city council will have two new members following this week’s Spring Election.

Kory Davis (353 votes) and Ruben Piepenburg (346) will be new members to council. Thomas J. Moehr (314) and Joe Behnke (98) will both return for another term.

Brillion council had four spots open as alderpersons Sarah Pielhop and Carrie Wenzel opted not to seek reelection. Moehr decided to seek another term and submitted official paperwork.

Behnke decided not to run again then changed his mind and became a write-in candidate seeking another term. No one else in Brillion registered enough write-in votes on Tuesday to come close to Behnke.

Davis’ spot is a two-year term. The others are three-year terms.

The Brillion school board had two incumbents – Casey Wittman and Christopher Hoyer – who held onto seats in a narrow race with Cheryl Plitt and Darron Lattomus also running. Plitt earned the third open spot.

Brillion Alderperson

Kory Davis (353)

Ruben Piepenburg (346)

Thomas J. Moehr (314)

Joe Behnke (write-in) (98)

Brillion School Board

Casey Wittman (incumbent) 305

Christopher Hoyer (incumbent) 285

Cheryl Plitt 281

Darron Lattomus 241

Reedsville Village Board

Chad Rataichek (incumbent) 202

Jack Siebert (incumbent) 199

Rebecca Fox (registered write-in) 67

Reedsville School Board

John Ebert 582

Bill Ebert 377

*current board member Carrie Boldt was eliminated from ballot in February primary.

Hilbert School Board (results not yet available)

LeAnn Kaser (incumbent)

Tom Konen (incumbent)

Erin Propson (incumbent)

Scott Bradley

Holly Plate

Wrightstown School Board (four seats available)

Melinda Lemke 725

Jeff Nelson 644

Maggie Boland (incumbent) 637

Angela Hansen-Winker 546

Rayn Warner 458

Brown County Board District 20 Supervisor

Devin Coenen (incumbent) 863

Mark Berndt 637



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