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Village of Wrightstown issues press release following weather damages

July 21, 2019

The Brillion News

The following press release was issued to The Brillion News on Sunday, July 21, from the Village of Wrightstown in response to Saturday’s damages:

Because of the tornadic activity that swept through the Village yesterday 7/20/19, the village has sustained heavy damage and is still under wide spread power outage.

This outage will take extensive efforts by the wonderful utilities crews, but may take up to three days for full restoration. The Village hall will be available for charging electronic equipment and a cool place to stay. The Village will be providing a refrigerated trailer to help residents keep their food from perishing.

Please bring any food you would like to try saving in containers with your name marked on them. VS Midwest Carriers out of Kaukauna will provide the Trailer with estimated arrival time of noon.

If there are flooding issues, please call Village hall or myself and we will get someone to assist you.

Thank for all the support of local contractors assisting residents with the cleanup. We definitely have a great Community!



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