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Walt agrees to finish term as Reedsville president

By David Nordby

The Brillion News

April 14, 2022

REEDSVILLE - The status of the Reedsville village president is settled until at least April 2023.

Jesse Walt reversed his resignation decision and agreed on Thursday to serve out the final year of the existing term.

During Thursday night's meeting, Walt was asked questions by the village board about how to improve the board and meetings.

Walt repeated what he had said in his resignation letter that he wanted his opinion to matter to the board, despite not carrying a vote as the president. He also

asked that personal vendettas are left aside during discussions.

Walt had submitted a letter of resignation to the village on April 1. In a special meeting on April 5, the board rejected his resignation until at least the April 14 meeting.

The vote to ask Walt to serve out the existing term was 4-1. Jennifer Maertz, Chad Rataichek, Jack Siebert and Terry Hansen all voted in favor of Walt returning. Becky Busse voted no.

The board members became vocal in asking Walt to return to the position, specifically Siebert. Siebert said that he strongly felt it was in the best interest of the village for Walt to serve out the term. Hansen said that he has had multiple community members express to him what a good job Walt did as president. Rataichek said it would be difficult to start over with a new president while the board juggles multiple projects for the village.

Village clerk Mary Jo Krahn asked Walt prior to him saying yes, if he would be committed to the full year. She said she did not want to go through another potential resignation. Walt said that he is committed to the full year remaining.



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